One-day silent retreat

in Hilversum / Loosdrecht


During the day we will practice yoga and various guided mindfulness meditation techniques, including a walking meditation in nature.


Silence is a very powerful tool that allows us to turn our attention inward. In silence we get to really listen.


We will serve a healthy and delicious vegetarian lunch which we enjoy in silence.

One-Day Silent Retreat

in Hilversum / Loosdrecht



Noise is a part of our daily lives - whether it's phones buzzing, traffic, loud children or the inner noise we produce with our own monkey-minds. Taking a break from noise to tune in and really listen can be restorative but also insightful. Silent retreats offer a rare opportunity to recharge your mind, body and spirit. 

Silent retreats can be slightly daunting - especially of you've never experienced it before. This one-day retreat gives you a taste of the power of silence. We will briefly start and end the day speaking, to allow you to ask your questions and share your experiences. During the silent hours of the day you will be guided through various exercises - ranging from gentle yoga, to seated meditations and a walking meditation in nature.

This one-day retreat is for you if you are curious about silence, if you need a small break from daily life or if you just like to treat yourself to a mini-retreat experience. Everyone is welcome, no previous experience is required.

Yoga at Home

"The quieter you become,

the more you are able to hear" 

- Rumi

  • 1-day program filled wit yoga and various guided mindfulness meditations, including a walking meditation in nature

  • Barbara is an experienced and certified yoga teacher (E-RYT500) and mindfulness trainer (category 1)

  • Inspiring & spacious location in nature in the centre of the Netherlands

  • Catered vegetarian lunch



TBD 2021


10:00 - 17:00h


't Gooi Yoga Retreat, on the border of Hilversum / Loosdrecht

Rading 10, Loosdrecht


Free for participants of the 8-week MBSR mindfulness training starting 1/26/2021 or €75,- including 21% VAT (limited availability)


Read our general terms & conditionsPlease don't hesitate to contact Barbara if you have any questions: ​


We will start and end the day speaking. This means tat you can arrive like you would to any event, greeting the teacher and other participants. At the start of the program the teacher will explain and you can ask all your questions.

The biggest part of the day you will spend in silence. The teacher will still speak and guide your through the program. If you have important questions during the silent part of the day - you can always talk to the teacher if you need to. 

Being in silence for a significant time allows you to draw your intention inwards. It helps you to observe thoughts, bodily sensations and emotions without the need to automatically react to them. It can bring about peace, rest and clarity of mind.

At the end of the program we will gently transition back to speaking, to allow you to share your experiences.



During te day we will practice gentle yoga and guided mindfulness meditations. Previous experience with yoga or meditation is not required. Mindfulness can be described as the practice of paying attention in the present moment, and doing it intentionally and with non-judgment. That might sound simple, but mindful living requires practice. Before you know it you relapse into automatic patterns and thoughts. By practicing mindfulness, we train our ability to switch off the autopilot and truly experience the present moment as it is. This helps us to enjoy life to the fullest and to deal with difficult things in life. Mindfulness reduces stress, tension and anxiety. Through mindfulness we increase our ability to consciously choose how we respond to events.



At Delta Yoga we love food! We strongly believe that the energy we supply the body with (e.g. the foods we eat) impact how we feel throughout our lives. During this one-day retreat we will serve a healthy & delicious vegetarian lunch and a snack during the afternoon tea break. The food is sourced locally and organic whenever possible. All food is prepared with lots of love.


The exact program is subject to weather conditions and the group. The program might look like this:

  • 10:00h - Welcome with tea & coffee

  • 10:30h - Start program: Barbara explains the program of the day, we will practice comfortable sitting positions, do a first guided meditation and allow you to ask all questions you might still have

  • 11:30h - Start silence: during the morning program we practice yoga and various forms of guided meditation

  • 13:00h - Silent lunch: enjoy a vegetarian meal prepared with love and take time to journal or go for a walk in the garden

  • 13:45h - Continue silent program: in the afternoon we go out in nature for a walking meditation and we continue our indoor meditation practice

  • 15:00h - Silent tea break: because cake makes the world a better place and silence allows us to really taste the sweetness of life!

  • 15:30h - Continue silent program & gradually breaking the silence

  • 17:00h - End of program


Hi! My name is Barbara. It's my job to help people gain present moment awareness and energy efficiency to thrive. I work as a yoga teacher, mindfulness trainer, personal leadership coach and expedition leader. Sometimes I work in yoga studio's or retreat centers, other times I provide trainings at corporate offices or guide groups on high mountain all over the world. Although these workplaces seem to differ, for me they are very similar. Wether it is on a mountain, yoga mat or in a boardroom - I see people that get challenged, that establish a better connection to their body and that find rest and new inspiration. 

I hold a MSc in (political) philosophy and I am a certified yoga teacher (E-RYT-500) and mindfulness trainer (Radboud University, category 1). Over the past few years I delivered almost 2000 hours of yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes to groups, individuals and organisations. Read more about Barbara


Ik heb mogen genieten van een lang weekend yoga en meer onder de deskundige leiding van Barbara. Een waar cadeau om even niks te hoeven of te moeten en alleen dat te doen wat past zoals ze ons steeds voorhield. Barbara had een mooie locatie geregeld, met heerlijk eten, bood wisselende yogastijlen aan met aandacht voor de verschillende niveaus van iedereen en wist goed in te spelen op dat wat gevraagd werd. Een echte aanrader!

- Sietske


Date: TBD 2021, 10:00 - 17:00h


  • €0 - For participants of the 8-week MBSR mindfulness course starting January 26th 2021. (The full course costs €425 and will be reimbursed by some health care insurances. For details and bookings on the full course click here.)

  • €75 - For the one-day silent retreat only

Check or general terms & conditions


Please don't hesitate to contact Barbara for more information at


The price includes:

  • Full guidance by experienced and certified yoga teacher and mindfulness trainer 

  • All day tea, lunch and tea break with cake

  • Use of yoga mats, meditation cushions and other props

  • 21% VAT




This retreat is about self-care, so we will do everything that's within our power to make sure you feel safe and at ease.

We keep to the guidelines of the RIVM. Luckily the room is spacious, allowing us to keep 1,5 meters distance at all times. We will provide hand sanitiser and you will keep the same cleaned yogamat and meditation cushion all day.

At the moment it seems that events like this are allowed in March. If this is not the case, Delta Yoga will cancel the retreat and you will receive a full refund. If you or anyone in your household feel unwell, it is important that you/they get tested before the retreat! If you/ someone in your household has a positive test result you will receive a full refund. If you have a negative test result but feel unwell, the normal cancellation policies apply. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us of you have any questions or concerns. 

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